Wednesday, 18 Sep 2019

What Contents Should You Look For In A home Enema Kit?

Cleaning the colon is nowadays quite easy with the help of a home enema kit. Home enemas are becoming increasingly popular because of the many health benefits that result by making it an integral part of your wellness routine. Cleaning the colon is crucial for optimal health. A colon that is filled with toxins and impurities can result in the onset of disease.

To get started what you need is a home enema kit.

When you buy an enema kit online,  the following items will be provided:

  • stainless steel bucket or plastic bag(disposable enema kit)
  • latex catheter
  • rubber or silicone tubing
  • clamp
  • assembly guide and instructions for use

There are home enema kits that include coffee beans, too. If you plan on doing an enema, it may be cheaper to get the kit that includes the coffee beans. The coffee most manufacturers include is specially formulated for coffee enema purposes.

What are the benefits of colon cleanse enema?

  • If you’re looking for an intensive and thorough cleansing of the colon, try tap water enema. You will need basic enema supplies to conduct this procedure. If this is your first time, it’s totally fine to use disposable enema kits. Based on numerous studies, a coffee enema reduces systemic toxicity levels by 600% in the liver. A single session of coffee enema can remove the toxins you may have accumulated during your lifetime.
  • Tap water and coffee enema work well to  trigger peristalsis. This facilitates the efficient movement of undigested food particles from the colon and out the body. Your digestive processes go back to normal with regular coffee enemas.
  • Coffee enema supplies the body with much-needed minerals whilst helping to restore the colon’s natural flora. As impurities are removed, the lining of the colon regains its ability to absorb more nutrients before food is expelled.

Buy your very first home enema kit here. Our kits contain equipment which is made from the finest materials so you can use them for many years to come.

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